ETTWomen’s 2015 360º Retreat


New Year… new hopes and dreams but not just for your business, for your life.

So, how do you get clear on the things you want to accomplish? What are the action steps to take?

We have all been there. We also know how important it is to hold the space for creating new opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

What better way to cross that threshold than in an intimate setting, in the company of women who ‘get it’. Women who understand what it’s like to navigate life as an entrepreneur.

Our 360º Retreat will transform you because we believe that life is designed to live holistically. When you approach all aspects of your life with a 360º mindset, all things are possible!

In these 2 days, ETTWomen founders will spend time helping you map out the new opportunities you want to create for your life and your business.

This retreat will consist of one-on-one sessions and group workshops designed to plan an intention driven and productive year ahead. Everything we’ve planned for this weekend is focused on your 360º awakening.

You will leave with a personalized blueprint to make 2015 YOUR Year to Prosper:

  • Setting the Tone for Allowance with Judy Banks
  • The 360º Lifestyle, Vision Board and Vision Journal Workshop with Vanessa Coppes
  • Learn Your Personality Type & Identify the Personality Traits of Your Customers (based on The STAR Program Developed by Jim Hoyt) with Lynette Barbieri
  • 5 Stages of Business Exercise and Your 2015 Business Plan with Vanessa Coppes
  • Being Authentic Results in More Sales with Lynette Barbieri
  • Branding and Target Market Workshop with Vanessa Coppes
  • Marketing Strategies: Your Guide to Prospect Marketing with Lynette Barbieri and Your Guide to Social Media Marketing with Vanessa Coppes
  • Bringing It All Home: Networking Tips, The Power of Connections and ETTWomen Think Tank with Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes

This is an opportunity to sort out self-limiting beliefs and make powerful connections, away from the demands of your daily routine. You will leave with new perspectives, new inspiration and a renewed passion for your life and your business.

The most valuable investment we can make in life is in our personal development.

Reserve your spot today!

$518 for ETTWomen Members.

$740 for Non-Members. February 27-28, 2014


Meeting Spot: 3:30pm Holiday Inn East Windsor, 399 Monmouth Street, East Windsor, NJ

2 thoughts on “ETTWomen’s 2015 360º Retreat

    Marcy Cortez said:
    February 17, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    I just purchased my ETTWomen’s bracelet. So excited that we now have a symbol of our growing community of fantastic women! Can’t wait to get my bracelet!

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