Lessons in Growing a Business

Starting, building, growing a business… is an exercise in personal development. 
Growing a business tests you in so many ways. It tests your self-discipline, your intelligence, your communication skills, your focus, and so much more. 
The real world of business can be very unforgiving. 
It’s a world where success is rewarded and mistakes are not forgotten. 
What is the benefit in that? 
It keeps you honest. 
I’ve learned that you cannot settle for weakness, you cannot be unwilling to do the work, you cannot pursue bad ideas, and you have to invest time and money in your continued education… or your business will fail. 
Some people can’t handle the pressure of running their own business. The risk of failure becomes a serious issue. I’ve learned that risk helps you grow and it makes you stronger. 
An entrepreneur who fears risk is like a swimmer who’s afraid of water.
Growing a business has allowed me to grow; it has made me aware that I am woman who can handle a lot more than I thought myself capable of. 
I’ve learned to pace and challenge myself. To trust myself and others, to work (very) hard, to stay focused under pressure, to let go of what doesn’t serve my mission, to learn from others, to find a balance between family and business, and still enjoy the ride.

Which lessons has growing your business taught you?

Please share in the comment section below.

Originally Published on: Oct 16, 2012

The Beauty Of A Detox with Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

Throughout the ages, health experts have praised the benefits of cleansing and restoring the body with detoxes. So what is a detox? Does it even work, and is it right for you? I can assure you, it’s more than a beauty buzz word. Truth be told, not all livers are up the the task of eliminating toxins effectively. I’ll be sharing the benefits of supporting the body’s natural detoxification process, who the best candidates for a detox are, and how to determine your detox potential.

Dixie L Nichols is a wife, mama, science educator, author, certified self-care & wellness practitioner, and entrepreneur. After teaching high school biological science for 14 years, she took a leap, quit my job and founded Dixie Bits Bath & Body, which has been featured in media outlets like, Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, Essence Online, Tampa Tribune and more.
Dixie is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The College of Naturopatic Medicine in the UK. She is currently immersed in her wellness practice and the chief self-care connoisseur at Inside Outer Beauty, where she curates content supporting women to live beautifully inside and out. Dixie will soon be launching the Inside Outer Beauty Subscription Box.

Join us for Dixie’s LIVE workshop on May 19th, 2017 at 11 am, complete details HERE!

First Impressions and 15 Habits That Can Ruin Them

Things have changed in the he business world. It has become much more relaxed and that’s a fabulous thing!

In some instances, however , it might not be as accepting as you think. I am very much about being authentic, but other people still make judgments on the basis of first impressions.

I am most definitely more about being the kind of person YOU want to do business with. It’s a karmic synergy and you’ll be more likely to attract more like-minded people to you and your business.

People looking to partner, hire, or buy from you will carefully dissect you if they are looking to engage and do business with you.

It’s what I like to call and am sure you’ve heard of: The KLT Factor (Know, Like, and Trust Factor).

The deeper the engagement or commitment at hand, the more they will want to know. It may not be fair (or even conscious), but some of our habits can trigger an adverse reaction.

So what do you do? Conscious reframing by doing your best to avoid them or correct them. Your success may depend on it.

Here are 15 Habits That Can Ruin a First Impression:

1. A weak handshake.

Handshakes in American society are still very telling. A solid handshake may go unnoticed or it may even send a jolt of positive energy. But a weak handshake may leave the receiver questioning your confidence and energy.

2. Inappropriate Attire.

So halter tops look great on you…AWESOME! But clothing that’s too revealing will get you attention, but quite possibly not the kind you want. Boring doesn’t equate to appropriate. Choose a style that fits your industry and make it your own within reason. Few industries will welcome you in yoga pants.

3. Chewing gum.

You may like the taste and the motion, but chewing gum while meeting someone gives an impression of immaturity.

4. Arrogance.

The great speaker Walter Bond said: “Confidence is arrogance under control.” Learn the difference and people won’t think you are a jerk when they meet you.

5. Sloppy clothing.

Shabby chic does not mean dirty. Your clothes should be clean and neat. You can tell the difference between intentional business casual style versus someone who doesn’t wash or iron their clothes.

6. Bad breath.

This one is tough because you may halitosis and not even know it. And the truth is, no one really wants to tell you. Most bad breath issues come from food or poor dental hygiene. The good news is that you can remedy both. Keep fresh mints handy for after meals and take care of your teeth and gums.

7. Excessive texting.

When meeting people, if you can’t stop looking at your phone, or responding, you will send a signal that you find no one more important than yourself. You seriously CAN last 15 to 30 minutes without knowing what your kids are up to. Be present in the moment, that has more value than you believe.

8. Body odor.

Like bad breath, you may be unaware, and people struggle with telling you. Solution? Take showers, use deodorant, and wash your clothes. Also, lay off the perfume. Aromizing BO only makes it worse.

9. Being intolerant.

The PC police is overrated at times but in truth, most people really don’t want to offend others. When you engage in the business world, you make a conscious choice to deal with people of all types. When you show people you are intolerant, it makes them wonder what’s wrong with you. By all means, create conversations, but be prepared to handle difference of opinions with grace. It can be done.

10. Sexism.

Men and women will likely never completely understand each other, but that doesn’t mean they have to be disrespectful. There are natural and distinctive masculine and feminine traits that can appear in either sex. Learn to deal with people as individuals and professionals, not based on their gender.

11. Complaining.

If you are always seeing the glass half empty, you are projecting that you are a difficult and dissatisfied human being. No one wants to work with an unhappy person. Decide to change the way you see things, because happiness IS a  choice.

12. Self Rambling.

A good story about how and why you got started in business can always be entertaining. But when it turns into a continual droning about nothing but you, it will send others running for the door as soon as they can.

13. Eye-rolling.

This habit can be entertaining among your friends, but in a first meeting it comes off as rude. Show people you are open and eager. You can eye-roll together once you have an established relationship.

14. Unkempt hair.

Hair is a highly noticeable way to show people how you see yourself. Styles that are modern and well kept will signal that you know who you are and care about detail. Dirty hair says you don’t care enough about yourself to bother, at http://besthairflatirons.com/ you will find the best utensils to keep your hair always looking great.

15. Not listening.

Everyone wants to feel important and appreciated. Be the type of person you want to meet and take a reciprocal approach. Be the first to offer your focused attention.

Treat your new relationships kindly. No one needs to know about your bowel movements or relationship woes at the first encounter. Leave others wanting more; be the type of person you want to meet!

Any pointers on how you handle first encounters? Were these tips helpful? Please share if so. Would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below!

#ETTWomenTV: Cheryl Brennan, The Bra Lady

Cheryl Brennan is a Senior Bodywear representative for Essential Bodywear. Brennan has been a part of the ETTWomen community for several years. Her love for her business, passion and support can be felt especially when she is professionally fitting women in uplifting and comfortable bras that instantly make them look and feel better about themselves! If finding the perfect bra has been a challenge for you, we promise you, Cheryl has got you covered!

ETTWomen Workshop: Creating a Vision Board and Journal

vision board

Do you want to be, do, and have more in your life? Are you feeling stuck? Would you like to feel fulfilled, happy and connected to your purpose? This fun workshop is for you!

Vision boards create a remarkable synergy around what you want and how to get it. Using visioning techniques can also help you attract the people, the places and the things you long for.

Get Clarity in Your Zone of Genius in 2017! We are excited to share with you our love for vision boards, specially vision journals, as life altering tools.

In this workshop you will learn:

1. How to create 3 different types of Vision Boards,
2. How to create a Vision Journal,
3. The techniques to create synergy around what you want and how to get it.


All materials for creating a vision board are included. 

Journals will be available for purchase.



ETTWomen Think Tank Central Jersey- Creating a Vision Board and Journal

Friday, January 27, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Central Jersey



New Year, New Goals! 10 Productivity Tips to Help You Get $#!t Done!

In just a few days, it’s back to the grind. Kids go back to school (Hell. To. The YES!) and -naturally- we feel that we will get back on track.

But, how do you prioritize? How do you decide which task to tackle first?

Truth: A key differentiator between people who succeed in their business and those who do not is personal productivity. Leaders and entrepreneurs who are consistently making things happen know how to achieve what they want in less time than others. American Express Forum details what highly successful entrepreneurs do every day.

I was pleasantly surprised at learning that many of these tips are already a part of what we teach at ETTWomen, I wanted to share them with you again so you keep them top of mind.

There’s a lot to be learned from the tactics of successful, and incredibly busy, individuals on how to better organize our own days. Here are 10 things you can start doing today:

  1. Pick 1 task to focus on. One thing many successful entrepreneurs have in common is the ability to focus on what matters most. Pick one thing and do that one thing.

  2. Block out distractions. Period. Martina Navratilova says, “I concentrate on concentrating.” If you don’t have the willpower to be self-accountable, try Rescue Time. It is an application that runs in the background of your computer and measures how you spend your time so you can make better decisions.

  3. Set a strict time limit on meetings. In general, people don’t need as much time as they ask for. Meetings can be time vampires. So, be cut-throat when it comes to managing your time so you can focus on high value tasks.

  4. Set up productivity rituals. Many of  you know I swear by waking up earlier than most consider normal. You also know that because of this, there are tasks that are done by 6am. Therefore, setting up rituals that automate behaviors, make us more productive – without depleting our energy reservoir. 4am may not be your cup of tea, but force yourself to prioritize so that you know that you will finish at least that one critical task during the period of the day when you have the most energy and the fewest distractions.

  5. Get up earlier. Research shows that mornings can make or break your day. Use the mantra “mind over mattress” to motivate yourself to get out of bed to pursue your goals.

  6. Outsource personal chores. Highly productive people are selective about how they expend their energy. They don’t waste time or energy on tasks that others can do. Do a cost/benefit analysis of how you spend your time and see if it’s worth offloading some repetitive tasks so you can focus on what will bring value to your company.

  7. Increase your effectiveness through technology. There’s a plethora of programs to make a small-business owner more effective in increasing productivity. A few popular tools—some of which are free—include Dropbox to store files online; Any Meeting to host a webinar and Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your social media postings.

  8. Don’t say yes to every request. Most of us have a deep need to be liked. That translates into us saying yes to everything – which is the end of your elite productivity.

  9. Stop multi-tasking. New research confirms that all the distractions invading our lives are rewiring the way our brains work. Be one of the rare-air few who develops the mental and physical discipline to have a mono-maniacal focus on one thing for many hours. It’s all about practice.

  10. Learn from others. Understand that for you to move to your next level of success, you must be in constant student mode. Whether you’re learning from others, attending school, reading books, attending seminars or taking a course, you have to gain access to the information you don’t know so you can get to where you want to be.

Your productivity is your life made visible. Protect your time, your energy, your business, your life.

Our planner is also a fabulous productivity tool to start the new year with a bang! Check it out here!

Do you have a question? Leave me a comment below!

Making Scary Decisions is Part of the Business

Being an entrepreneur is scary. If owning your own business was easy, everyone would do it.

No one tells you what to do, which means you get credit for your successes and the blame for the failures. Every decision falls on you to make, big to little. Even writing this is giving me butterflies.

So how do you get anything done?

Obviously there is no perfect answer to this, but I will tell you what works for me; a combination of research and personal experience.

I recently decided to expand my business. I have been knitting custom golf club covers for years and have become quite successful at it. My customers love what I make and I enjoy making them. However, I have hit a plateau. I needed to change what I was doing to move my business in a positive direction. Did I want to start selling wholesale to golf clubs? Did I want to expand my product line? Did I want to invest in advertising and licensing? All of them would require investing time and money on things that I could not guarantee success.

I took all these options, looked at what I already knew about myself and my business, then picked one. Which one? I am currently expanding my product line and services. I now host knitting parties, where people can learn to knit one of my patterns. I sell supplies and accessories, things I know knitters and knitting fans want and are not always easy to find.

Honestly, I just picked one.

Once you make a decision you have to follow through. Give yourself a timeframe. Set yourself tasks and goals. Set a budget! Break it down into bitesize pieces. Seek out support. Give this choice every chance for success. Stick to it, then look back and see how you did.

What change do you want to see in your business? What fears are holding you back?

ETTWomen’s Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!

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As a Naturopathic Doctor, Angela offers one-on-one nutrition consultations and weight management in-person and online. Her programs are customized and personalized to each unique person. Her belief is that taking care of your whole body, mind, and spirit from the inside and out; with proper nutrition, rest, stress reduction, and exercise, you can keep your body balanced and remain youthful.

Angela’s goal is to help her clients develop a plan to assist them in managing their weight loss, building internal health, and enhancing external beauty and well- being; through healthy eating habits and fitness, along with nutritional supplementation to achieve optimal health and longevity.

Contact Angela to start a healthy new you!
Dr. Angela Serritella 

(ND, CNS, NTP, Certified Aromatherapist, & Licensed Cosmetologist)




Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy, get better sleep or just get healthier, you deserve a personal and easy wellness plan customized just for you.  You will receive one on one coaching and get a custom plan that will transform your life.

With Nutritional Cleansing, Valerie has coached and watched people transform physically. Do you need to lose weight? Gain muscle? Are you tired all the time?  Do you not sleep? Would you love to reduce the stress in your life?  I can help you achieve all of your goals.  You will receive one on one coaching with a customized plan that is a fit for you. Are you ready to feel the absolute best you possibly could? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, we deserve to connect.

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