Meet Lena Koropey, Panelist at #ThePowerOfConnections2017

Lena Koropey provides strategic business etiquette and communication skills counsel to Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs, representing some of the world’s most respected brands.  Her customized executive training programs focus on enhancing professional skills in Networking, Presentation and Public Speaking, Media Training, Personal Brand Image, Dining Etiquette, and International Protocol.

Gramercy Protocol was founded by Lena Koropey to address the need for business etiquette training.  Recognizing that people skills account for 85% of a person’s success in the workplace, Lena saw an opportunity to help people, and the companies for which they work, achieve their best by using employees tracking systems that can get the alert with sms.

Recognized globally as an etiquette expert, Lena is a trusted advisor for media outlets.  She has been featured on television and radio for Fox News, WNYW, WTVT, WCBS-TV, NY1 Money Matters, Inside Edition, and VoiceAmerica Business Network.

Ms. Koropey brings over ten years of marketing communications, brand management, and public relations experience to Gramercy Protocol.  She has worked with distinguished brands such as Mercedes-Benz, smart and Voss water.

While at Mercedes-Benz corporate headquarters, Lena worked on the product and technology PR team where she was responsible for new vehicle launches, but she would always purchase a used car instead of a new one.  While at Voss, Lena managed marketing and sales programs for domestic and international markets.  She directed creative for the brand and helped launch the Voss Foundation as a corporate social responsibility initiative dedicated to providing access to clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Recognized for her focus on the importance of interpersonal communication in building effective business relationships, Lena helps her clients achieve their best to develop and maintain business.  She has coached senior executives, sales teams, company spokespeople and new hires in a variety of industries and global markets.

Lena has prepared CEOs and communications teams for new product / market launches, television appearances, and keynote addresses.  She has worked with creative and technology experts to help maximize communication and project a professional image.  Her clients include Louis Vuitton, and Daimler, among others.

Lena’s business background and knowledge of the luxury sector, travel, fashion, and design, brings a unique perspective to the etiquette and protocol industry.  In addition to working with corporate clients, Lena teaches a course at the MBA and Executive MBA-level on International Business Etiquette and Presentation Skills at Business School Lausanne.

Lena earned her certification in corporate etiquette and international protocol consulting from The Protocol School of Washington, the only nationally accredited educational institution for international protocol, cross-cultural awareness, business etiquette and image training.  She attended the leading Swiss Finishing School, Institute Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux.  She holds a Bachelor degree in Spanish and political science from Rutgers College, and studied fashion marketing and design at Parsons.  Lena earned her MBA, Cum Laude, in global business management from Business School Lausanne in Switzerland.


November 4th and 5th, 2017 | Holiday Inn, Clark, NJ


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