Super-Boosted Triple Peptide Serum, by Efrancé Beauty, to be featured in Four Seasons Hotel HollYwood Swag Bag Honoring Emmy Weekend

Local business, EFRANCÉ BEAUTY, to be featured in Hollywood Swag Bag

In September, 2016, Emmy nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles will receive a bottle of Super-Boosted Triple Peptide Serum (SBTPS) as part of a larger celebrity gift bag by Lisa Gal of Hollywood Swag Bags.

Faced with the huge demand for safe and natural treatment options due to the rapidly aging U.S. population, people are doing their homework about products such as about best cbd oil.

“As a new company, I am so excited to get my product into the hands of nominees celebrating Emmy Weekend and to be part of something really exclusive.” said, Cassandra Maguire, founder of Efrancé Beauty.

Cassandra started her online business in her home town of Freehold, NJ.   She always had a passion for great skin care and in June of 2016 launched her new company and one day when she saw how successful a site that was selling Viking Items was she decided to make her own  The name Efrancé is a shortened version of her mother’s Greek name, Efrancia, who died from Breast Cancer in 1972.  The company name is a tribute to her. I have recently noticed that some hotels have really great campaigns on social media.

“We have a dedication page on our website called THE FACE OF BEAUTY for Breast Cancer Survivors to tell their story about their journey with Breast Cancer.  I want people to nominate their mothers, friends and sisters etc., for a chance to receive a complimentary set of Efrancé Beauty skin care products (to be released Sept 2016) but more importantly to use us as their arena to tell their story.  Telling your story to others can be cathartic and inspiring.  Breast Cancer changes the trajectory of so many families. This is not about raising money for research; it’s about women who want to share their story.  We don’t know everyone’s story but we should. We are giving women a chance to inspire and to touch people’s lives.” Cassandra said.

The next recipient will be announced in October, Breast Cancer Month, and all nominations should be emailed to by September 30th.  A third party will review the nominations and select the next Face of Beauty.  Please visit   for complete instructions on how to nominate.

About the Product: SBTPS is a dynamic and very effective anti-aging serum.   This product is for women 35 and older who have concerns about losing their youthful appearance or who have had many years of sun exposure and UV damage.  (Video testimony to its effectiveness can be found on the website.)    Our serum effectively penetrates the dermal layers of your skin revealing radiant and noticeably smoother skin after just one application.  You will be so pleased with the results you see.  The twist and pump top makes it easy to pump just the right amount of product for your face and neck.  This feature makes it easy to travel with and also keeps it free from contamination. Super-Boosted Triple Peptide Serum retails for a modest price of $80.00.  “The price point is well below department store brands because I don’t think great skin care should cost as much as a car payment.” Cassandra said.

What’s “in it” For You? Neuropeptides work on expressed muscle contraction to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; bioflavonoids that function as an antioxidant to stabilize free radical damage working with Vitamin C to reduce inflammation; resveratrol to activate cellular repair and renewal due to environmental damage; water binding agents for hydration boost as seen on;
and antioxidants responsible for cell protection and stimulating healthy collagen production to reduce UV damage.

The complete set of Skin Care Products will be available in September and can be purchased online at  and will include a hydrating cleanser, and eye treatment and a multi-active moisturizer. Our products are free of Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.  Efrancé Beauty is cruelty-free and vegan friendly and manufactured in the USA.

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