The Truth About Raising a Child Today and What You Can Do Now

heaI’ve raised four children in New Jersey, so yes, I know how expensive it is to raise a family today.

And while I’ve said that children should come with instructions, we all know that doesn’t reallyhappen. We also know, that if we could foresee everything that was involved with having children before we actually had them, it’s possible we may have waited right?  The honest truth is that most of us would actually never trade any of it, not even for a split second, but knowing some things in advance so we could be could become more prepared could certainly help.

Deciding to have a child is a life long commitment. It is usually not a decision we take lightly. Think about all the time and money we spend on planning for our new addition. We research what to feed them, what furniture to buy them, where to buy their clothes and what car seat and carriage to buy and so much more. But did we ever stop to think about what it will cost to raise your child? I am here to tell you that it is extremely important to be as financially prepared as possible the minute you are even contemplating become new parents.

Here are some hard financial statistics taken from the US Department of Agriculture: The cost of raising 1 child from birth to 18, for a middle-income family, is approximately $245,340 dollars! That is roughly $12,800 – $14,970 per child per year. Yikes! That’s a lot of formula and diapers right!

Yes this can be scary, but if you can do these 6 things in preparation of your new arrival it will make for less anxiety.

  1. Get your budget straight – Make sure you have your debt under control and focus on building an emergency fund. Be ready for the unknown expenses that can arise.
  2. Protect your income – Consult with a financial professional and see how much simple term life insurance it will take to protect your household income in the event you pass, or your partner passes, so your child and family will be properly protected.
  3. Do not overspend – Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. It is easy to look at all the cool stuff that is out there for a new baby. All that new stuff also comes with a hefty price tag. It is o.k. to do some research and shop for like new second-hand items for the baby, and use some hand me down clothes that the baby probably had on for an hour maybe once! They grow out of everything so quickly no need to spend top dollar. Save the money for more important things.
  4.  Look at college savings options – Ask your financial coach about the options available to start saving towards the baby’s college. You can also use the gifts you get from family members in these accounts. Ask about their tax benefits. If you want to save money while buying them gifts, then You should check out this gaming mouse pad review to get them great computer items for gaming when they get older.
  5. Learn about Tax credits – Consult with your tax preparer about the tax credits available when you have a child that the government offers to you. You may also benefit from using a daycare or your employer may offer a spending account for you. You can ask your human resources department and find out your options.
  6. Analyze your health insurance – Now more than ever you need to understand your coverage, what it entails when you are having a child and when you have the child. Know your options. Call and consult with a healthcare specialist.

No matter how hard we try, we may never be fully prepared for the undertaking of raising a family. In reality who ever is? What we can do is be a prepared as we can. If you or any of your family members suffer of any health conditions such as anxiety or depression please visit to find out about a natural drug that can help you get better.

Getting your finances in order, and learning what is available to help you will certainly lessen the stress in the financial department, of course there are other ways and products that can help you with that, there is information about cbd oil online so you have more time to enjoy your new family!

Have questions? I’ll be happy to answer them in person! Join me this Friday at our ETTWomen Meeting in Marlboro. Complete details HERE!


ETTWomen at BELLA’s Holiday Issue Cover Party Hosted by Hoda and Kathie Lee

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Kathie Lee and Hoda hosted the official launch party of the November/December 2016 Holiday Issue Cover Party at Arlo Hudson Square in New York City.  ETTWomen was there! We arrived in a luxury limo from JAC Limousines and sipped on Kim Crawford Wines, Freixenet, and 1907 Water, while perusing holiday gifting ideas from Bella Aura, Abaton, Urbani Truffles USA, Cover Your Gray, and Adrianna Pappell. Presenting sponsors included University Pain Medicine Center, Liberta Co Ltd/Baby Foot, and the Bahamas.

Guests included Courtenay Hall (BELLA Editor-in-Chief), Dan Hall (BELLA Publisher), Kathie Lee Gifford (Today Show Host), Hoda Kotb (Today Show Host), Kristen Taekman (Bravo’s RHONY), Melissa Francis (Fox News Anchor), Carson Kressley (TV Personality), Catherine Curtin (Orange is the New Black), Charles Frattini (Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid), Dr. Tabasum Mir (Bravo’s Blood Sweat & Heels), Taylor Strecker (SirisuXM’s Cosmo’s Wake Up with Taylor), Andrea Helfrich (EDM Festival host of ULTRA music festivals), Max Mackenzie (actor), Shayna Leigh (singer), Nicole Lapi (Host of “Hatched” on CBS).

Photo credits:Jenny Colon

ETTWomen’s #ThePowerOfConnections2016!

ETTWomen’s #ThePowerOfConnections2016 was nothing short of amazing! We bring together entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, artists and visionaries. Our members and attendees received powerful training, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, made deep connections and received unique opportunities to change their lives and the lives of others through their business.


Thank you to Ray Catena of Freehold for your invaluable support! Thank you to Anthony Beshara, COO of Bella Vista Country Club once again provided us with fabulous service and thank you Angela Squicciarini for capturing the weekend again so beautifully!


Our annual conference teaches the most fabulous personal and professional development ideas that help elevate participants’ lives and businesses. Here’s Part 1 of what went down on Day 1, Friday November 18, 2016.

Welcome Keynote, 360º Lifestyle Assessment (Group Exercise) by ETTWomen Founders Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes and Guided Meditation by Candy Calderon.

Connections Session and Spotlight on ETTWomen Foundation

Breakout Sessions by Bailey Frumen: Own Your Power, Joi M. Stanley: The Power of the Ask and Sabina Hitchen: THIS is How You’re Going to Get Press Strategically and Confidently in 2017.

Lunch SURPRISE with Heidi and Lori from The Tony D Band and Artist Shenna Vaughn began creating a live masterpiece for a lucky attendee to take home!

Breakout Sessions with Candy Calderon: Fearless Health, Heather Riccardi and Michelle Hassani from ALL STATE: Principles of Insurance.

 Media Panel Discussion with Courtenay Cooper Hall (BELLA Media Group), Dr. Robi Ludwig (BRAVO and ID), Vanessa Freeman (News 12 NJ) and Sabina Hitchen (Sabina Knows).

Connections Sessions and recognitions to Courtenay Cooper Hall (BELLA Media Group), Marcy Cortez (LAIFinancial Group) and Jillian Edwards Coburn (Reel Housewives of the Deep South).


Here’s Part 2 of what went down on Day 2, Saturday, November 19, 2016.

Networking Breakfast, Welcome by ETTWomen Founders Vanessa Coppes and Lynette Barbieri.


Guided Meditation with Judy Banks.

Power Panel with Joi M. Stanley, Candy Calderon, Theodora Sergio, and Bailey Frumen.

Connections Session.

Breakout Sessions with Candy Calderon: Fearless Health; Theodora Sergiou: Be your own Treasure Box; Heahter Riccardi and Michelle Hassani from ALL STATE: Principles of Insurance

Lunch SURPRISE with Joi M. Stanley

Let’s Move! Alesha Lazan

Breakout Sessions with Theodora Sergiou: Be your own Treasure Box; Sabina Hitchen: THIS is How You’re Going to Get Press Strategically & Confidently in 2017; Bailey Frumen: Own Your Power; Joi M. Stanley: The Power of the Ask

Powerful end to Day 2 with Keynote from Lucinda Cross: Activating Your Vision.

Relationship Tree Group Exercise with ETTWomen Founders Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes and give aways!


Break Through Your Money Blocks


Ladies, think back to all the negative perceptions we were taught about money growing up. “Money is the root of all evil.” “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” “Money is not spiritual.”

It’s this kind of thinking and this kind of mindset that is the cause of most people’s financial demise. Yes, money does NOT buy happiness, but neither does poverty.

I feel like I can be as bold and as blunt as I want with you because I have your best interest at heart. Additionally, I’m talking from my own personal experience. I was always surrounded by friends and family members that were the biggest proponents of thinking negatively about money.

I have been in the financial industry now for almost two decades. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help clients that come from all different financial and economic backgrounds. What I’ve found over the years is that even though I help them understand the importance of having a financial road map- they tend to fall short on the execution.

The inability to follow through with their plan stems from their belief system regarding money -that’s where I come in.

After digging deeper through asking the right kinds of questions, I was able to identify the mental and financial blocks my clients were experiencing. All it took was a little redirecting of their belief system and then they were finally ready to take those first steps towards financial stability. It wasn’t long after that they were started seeing success from their efforts.


For more any comments or questions CONTACT ME

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Where you are now isn’t where you’ll be once you experience Passion & Purses. Join us for an intimate evening of dialogue and discovery designed for every woman who has ever experienced a joyous triumph or faced a financial challenge.

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10 Action Steps To Shift Your Focus


You had the idea, you made the plan, now you need to take action!

Growing a business is not easy, so I’d like to share with you a few essential action steps that you can implement today to start moving your business forward:

  1. Take care of yourself – Create a system for self-care that works for you. If it is 10 minute meditation in the morning or prayer make sure you make it a ritual. Create a workout plan that fits you, and commit to it throughout the week, I suggest you visit to get the best workout programs.
  2. Focus on being positive – Appreciate what you have and stop complaining. Look at the glass half full. You will be able to deal with life and its challenges better with the right attitude. Besides the fact that nobody wants to be around a negative person.
  3. Write down what you need to accomplish for the day – I do this the night before. Make sure you look at it after your self-care routine and have it with you all day so you can check off your progress.
  4. Find your mantra – Pick something that inspires you and write it down where you can see it all day. Do this right away and read it out loud every morning night and anytime you can in between. I say The universe has my back and the universe will give me anything I ask for. Sounds weird? Just do it and see what happens!
  5. Find your spark – When you are home relaxing at some point at night, think about what you’re passionate about.Think about different ways you can use your unique talent and gifts.
  6. Write down your obstacles – What are the things that are stopping you from reaching your goals? Think about each one and write a plan of how you can overcome them.
  7. Don’t procrastinate – Get a jump-start on your day once you are sitting at your desk and don’t waste time on emails or social media or small talk until you put a productive hour of work in.
  8. Start tracking your day – Write down what you are doing during the day and keep track of it on a weekly basis. At the end of the week evaluate how you spent your time. See where you can be more productive and then do the same the following week until you implement some changes.
  9. Read a new book a month – You are what you read and what you focus on. Read personal development books and read books specifically on goals and action plans. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a must.
  10. Take action –  Don’t just affirm and visualize and do nothing. Take any action required to bring your goal into fruition. Follow your intuition, new ideas and opportunities that present themselves, and accept help from other people.

Are you ready to succeed? They say that vision without action is merely a dream.

Comments or questions are always welcome…leave them below! Want my Action Plan Template? Get it HERE.



ETTWomen Ohio Chapter Launch with Mayra Betances

On Tuesday, April 12th, 2016, a fabulous group of women gathered at Arepazo Restaurants in Columbus, OH  to celebrate and kick off #ETTWomen’s Ohio Chapter.


Thank you to Mayra Betances, founder of D&E Papel​ for leading our newest community. Thank you to Arepazo for hosting, OhioLatino TV​, Canal Hispano TV​ for covering and everyone who who joined us!

Special thanks to ETTWomen members PROGRESSIVE ACHIEVERS founder Joi Mikki Stanley-Smith​, Efficient Socially Savvy Media​ founder Evy Havlik​ and #ETTWomenNJ Chapter Co-Leader June Lazaro​ for making their way from New Jersey to support us!


We are so grateful and excited for this new page in ETTWomen’s history!

To join us at our next Ohio event, please RSVP HERE!


Pick Your Battles



I wanted to share this with you today from the book “Team Work Makes The Dream,” work by John Maxwell.

I keep it by my couch where I sit early in the morning and later in the evening. I go back to it often and read a chapter or two at least once a week.

I think this is so crucial to understand what John wrote about team work and picking your battles for all the entrepreneur’s reading this right now. It truly takes a village, a team around you to make it happen. Individuals who you can collaborate with, like minded people who show you support, and people who can help your vision become a reality.

John Maxwell said “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, working together is a success.”

  1. Winning is often the battle and there are times in the life of every team player when he or she needs to fight. But if you fight all the time, you can wear yourself out. That’s why it is important to pick your battles.
  2. To gain a better perspective of when to fight back and when to sacrifice yourself, practice the following disciplines.
  3. Spend Time with People Who Are Different from You – That helps you to appreciate and understand how others think and work. You will be less likely to judge others.
  4. In Matters of Personal Preference or Taste, Give In – Keep the main things the main thing. If you don’t save yourself for what really matters, you’ll wear yourself out.
  5. Don’t Take Things Personally – Always remember, hurting people hurt people. They are also easily hurt by others.
  6. Practice 101 Percent Principal – Whenever possible, find the 1 percent you do agree on in a difficult  situation, and give 100 percent of your effort.
  7. Be a Servant Leader – If your mindset is to serve rather than be served, you will likely encounter less conflict.


Remember, “Together We Can Do The Impossible.”


Contact Lynette Barbieri For any questions or comments or just to say hi!



Let’s Embrace 2016



It’s that time of year again! As I sat quietly this morning in my sun room sipping my coffee I was vividly remembering my sweet grandmother saying to me when I was a little girl that the new year came faster and faster every year as you get older. I never understood that then. I know now that most of us feel the same way. I feel like I was just cleaning and packing all my holiday decorations and before I knew it I was taking them right out again!

I know everyone is talking about resolutions, goals, vision boards etc. and I know we all need to do all those things. I just wanted to talk about personal reflection right now. The end of the year is a natural pause point to think about the prior year and to visualize the new one. It is the time of year that we reflect and reminisce. In one of the training classes I ran this week I talked to my guys about just focusing on a few things right now. We have to ask ourselves some questions because those questions are a catalyst for digging deeper into our personal reflection.

Successes large and small over the last year should be recognized. Any progress is an accomplishment. We need to think about things that didn’t go as expected just as much. If we didn’t make any mistakes we would never learn the lessons we have learned.

These were the only questions I asked and told them to really think about and then write it down:

  1. What was the absolute best thing that happened to you this year?
  2. What was the most disappointing thing that happened to you this year?
  3. What was the biggest waster of time for you last year?
  4. What is the “most” important thing you want to accomplish in 2016?

I think you can get so much out asking yourself these few simple questions. It makes you think about where you have been and what you have accomplished. It also makes you face your failures so you can focus on what lessons you have learned from them and what you will change this year to get a different result.

The “New Year” is a  time for new beginnings and new endeavors. Last year was just a stepping stone to this one.

Have a prosperous, healthy, productive, peaceful, energetic and super happy new year!

I would love to hear what you want to accomplish this year  Contact Me

Are You Really Ready For Change?


  Are your really open to change? Do you believe you need to change? Are you coachable?

Everything depends on making a decision. Why not get your mind right and start from where you stand. Pick one thing, the most important thing, you need to work on to change that will help you to do better this year. How do you view change? Is your glass always 1/2 full or is it 1/2 empty? Having a positive outlook on everything you do, especially how you view change, is key. Here are a few tips to help you embrace change and step in to your power in 2016!

  1. Affirm your values – Recognize and remind yourself what is most important to you. What are the qualities that make you who you are? What do you need to work on this year? What is the one thing you could focus on right now that would create the greatest benefit for your business? Choose what makes the most sense to pursue now and take action.
  2. Invest in yourself – Working on yourself can be the single most important thing you can focus on this year. Investing is money and time spent that in the future will pay you back more than you put out. Make it a point to read/listen to personal development books, workshops, webinars etc. for a minimum of 1 hour per day. You can listen in the car, while you clean your house, while you take a bath. Just fit it into your daily routine.
  3. Use Positive Affirmations –  An affirmation is a positive statement about what we want to anchor in our minds. For example: I am open to accepting ALL forms of abundance the universe has to offer me. The purpose of saying this affirmation out loud every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed is going to help us attract more of what we want in our lives. Write it down as you say it and keep it with you where you can see it all day. I keep it taped on the bottom of my computer in my office and posted across my desk calendar. I also drive around a lot so I have it on my dashboard.
  4. Find a mentor – Your success is in direct proportion to the people you spend the most time with. Finding a mentor will help navigate your course a little bit better and maybe a little bit faster. You need someone who will be able to point out what you need to work on and will give you advice based on their experiences to help you avoid the pitfalls they may have had to deal with on their journey.

We will always have to be willing to change in order to grow. Throw yourself into new experiences, network and connect with new people. When we challenge ourselves it keeps taking us out of our comfort zone. Small changes and disciplines that you will practice on a daily basis will help you to “Step in to Your Power in 2016.” All of us can all have an amazing year if we are willing to change.



Please leave me a comment below or contact me!

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