10 Action Steps To Shift Your Focus


You had the idea, you made the plan, now you need to take action!

Growing a business is not easy, so I’d like to share with you a few essential action steps that you can implement today to start moving your business forward:

  1. Take care of yourself – Create a system for self-care that works for you. If it is 10 minute meditation in the morning or prayer make sure you make it a ritual. Create a workout plan that fits you, and commit to it throughout the week, I suggest you visit https://flexmastergeneral.com to get the best workout programs.
  2. Focus on being positive – Appreciate what you have and stop complaining. Look at the glass half full. You will be able to deal with life and its challenges better with the right attitude. Besides the fact that nobody wants to be around a negative person.
  3. Write down what you need to accomplish for the day – I do this the night before. Make sure you look at it after your self-care routine and have it with you all day so you can check off your progress.
  4. Find your mantra – Pick something that inspires you and write it down where you can see it all day. Do this right away and read it out loud every morning night and anytime you can in between. I say The universe has my back and the universe will give me anything I ask for. Sounds weird? Just do it and see what happens!
  5. Find your spark – When you are home relaxing at some point at night, think about what you’re passionate about.Think about different ways you can use your unique talent and gifts.
  6. Write down your obstacles – What are the things that are stopping you from reaching your goals? Think about each one and write a plan of how you can overcome them.
  7. Don’t procrastinate – Get a jump-start on your day once you are sitting at your desk and don’t waste time on emails or social media or small talk until you put a productive hour of work in.
  8. Start tracking your day – Write down what you are doing during the day and keep track of it on a weekly basis. At the end of the week evaluate how you spent your time. See where you can be more productive and then do the same the following week until you implement some changes.
  9. Read a new book a month – You are what you read and what you focus on. Read personal development books and read books specifically on goals and action plans. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a must.
  10. Take action –  Don’t just affirm and visualize and do nothing. Take any action required to bring your goal into fruition. Follow your intuition, new ideas and opportunities that present themselves, and accept help from other people.

Are you ready to succeed? They say that vision without action is merely a dream.

Comments or questions are always welcome…leave them below! Want my Action Plan Template? Get it HERE.