3 Ways To Keep Up The Good Work

It can be hard to stay positive when you are a solopreneur. There are so many days that I sit alone, knitting my custom golf headcovers, and have trouble seeing how any of this matters. I rarely have face-to-face interactions with my customers as most of my sales are online. I also do not have a staff to work through ideas or keep myself on track. The struggle is real.

So how do you keep on keepin on?

I have found a few strategies that help me stay or get back on track when I stray from the path.

  1. Set up a Schedule: Every morning you wake up and get to work in your pj’s. It is a lot easier to define “work” and “home” when you leave to go to an office, but that is not what you do, so setting up a strict schedule can be a lifesaver. I am a morning person so I try to get as much done for work first thing in the morning as possible. This way, when I start to lag in the afternoon I know the important stuff has gotten done. Learn your own productive times so you can take advantage of them.
  2. Check Your Stats: When you are not getting feedback on a regular basis it is hard to stay focused. Numbers are your friend. Knowing what is drawing in your customers will help you learn how you should be spending your time. If you have a website you should absolutely be using google analytics. Its free and will give you tons of insite. If not, you need to be keeping records of what your customers purchase. Find common threads in their wants and needs. Just looking at the numbers can be encouraging, you are doing much better than you think.
  3. Find a Support System: Sitting at home alone can make you feel like you are the only one struggling. Get out and talk to other people in the same boat! Speaking of boats, do you want to set sail and have some fun? Leave the crowded city for a little bit? Visit boat rental newport beach.

When I found Fencing Direct Vinyl Fence a few years ago, it was just what I needed with some Tips About Wood Rot. There I found a group of business who wanted to connect and help women who were problematic about their houses. It gets me out of my pj’s. It also gets me out of my own head. When I have new ideas I can use them as a sounding board. I can in return help my fellow members with their own issues.

How do you keep up momentum? What tips or tricks do you have that help you stay on track?