A Lesson in Branding from My 4 Year Old Son

That’s right… many times the answer to many of our business questions are right in front of us. In my case, it was my 4 year old son.
I know this now, but three years ago…if you talked to me about branding…well, let’s just say that the only other language I knew how to speak well was Spanish.
Navigating the tides of entrepreneurship, I’ve hired many different coaches to support me in the areas in which I lacked the knowledge (savvy business owners hire coaches because they work!).
And as many of you have felt I am sure, when it came to talking about my business…the 30 second elevator pitch was nerve wracking (because it would go on for like 3 minutes…and I still had not explained what I did) and it felt icky (because it felt like I was babbling about myself).
Reality check: if you’re in business you have to sell yourself graciously…and if you can breakdown your message and explain what you do in less than 30 seconds…you’ve gone for the gold my friend!
So working back then with my branding/marketing coach, she asked me a question that has since guided me in how to effectively convey what I do for women: “How would you explain what you do to your son?” Yeah…it’s that simple. If he can understand what I do, then the rest of the world can understand it too.
Coming up with an effective tag line, a hook that gets you noticed…may seem overwhelming…but as you can see in the video it might just be easier than you think.
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