Creating success for one’s self is never easy but native New Yorker and proud mother of four, Lynette Barbieri, knows a thing or two about building a business on her terms. Lynette’s passion and drive have allowed her to succeed despite the odds as when she started her own financial business with little sales experience and no financial background prior.
Along with her ability to collaborate, build relationships and make connections, Lynette managed to earn a six – figure income from her business in just a few short years. For 23 years, Lynette has successfully educated individuals on how to take control of their finances, get out of debt and provide a roadmap for a financially secure retirement.
In addition, Lynette has used her platform to motivate as she’s guided hundreds of individuals into successful sales careers and has led countless workshops, along with being a public speaker and an avid personal development reader as well.
In 2012, Lynette embarked on her next venture as co-founder for The Entrepreneurial Think Tank For Women. There she shares her rich experience in sales, marketing, recruiting, and training to assist members with their goals and build their own successful businesses.
As a result of this venture, Lynette and her business partner decided to further use their platform for good with the formation of the ETTWomen foundation in 2017. The foundation was developed as Lynette and her partner were moved to assist women in crisis due to sexual abuse, domestic abuse and financial hardship.
All of Lynette’s varied experiences and expertise came together in 2016 with the birth of her own consulting firm ‘LynetteWork.’ LynetteWork is built upon her brand of connecting and brining like- minded people together. Lynette fully believes and lives by the saying; “Together we achieve more.”
As an entrepreneur, Lynette believes in the value of hard work, determination and always strives to build others up when possible. In her newest venture as advertising and marketing sales representative for BELLA Magazine, Lynette excited and is more than ready to meet new people, try new things and face every challenge head on.
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