Face Off: How Alexandra Amato’s Mask Making is Fighting Dementia + COVID-19

In the ETTWomen community we know her as Alex. And if you know Alexandra Amato, you know she has always been vocal about social issues, even more-so during this time.

Alexandra has been taking care of people since she can remember, eventually becoming a nurse and today, she serves as the Community Relations Director at Artis Senior Living.

We know how the shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has impacted us all, especially those on the front-line battling the pandemic. So Alex, having no previous sewing experience, bought a sewing machine online, watched countless YouTube videos and now has manufactured more than 600 face masks.

We were especially impressed and touched by her drive and dedication to this effort when she shared the following update on Facebook, “I don’t know if many of you know that I have a special needs son who is also hearing impaired. This week, I had a professional partner in a skilled nursing facility request masks made for the hearing impaired. I am proud to present my new masks for such a needed population. Masks for the hearing impaired.”

We commend and praise Alex for her commitment. Alex has distributed her masks to local police, fire, hospital and hospice personnel and is on a mission to spread them across every state.


To connect with Alexandra and support efforts, click here!

Andrea Caprio-Furio Takes On The Covid19 Mask Crisis Head On

Andrea Caprio designed sportswear for many years. Paying close attention to what people are looking for in the day-to-day wardrobe, and how different clothes and a good fit makes them feel and look good she also realized that many people need help. Not just in creating their individual style but by simply not having the time to shop. After multiple requests from family and friends, coworkers and frustrated women in dressing rooms, she decided to launch her personal style company.

When she became a part of ETTWomen, we were thrilled to receive her strutting leopard print and rocking red lips. What’s been most rewarding is seeing how relying on her talents, she jumped into action sewing much needed protective gear for our community and most importantly, our front line workers.

Andrea Caprio shares her story in her own words:

It’s day 20+ of making masks day and night. I have completely dug my heals into this project. All in!

My husband is a CRNA at a local hospital and all his pals and coworkers started asking for cloth masks to wear over their n95’s.

I found myself sitting in front of the news night after night getting way too anxious. I quickly realized I had a skill that could really help.

Being a designer in the garment center for almost 20 years was about to come in handy. I went in my basement and set up shop. I got my juki machine fired up and started creating masks and sending them in to work with my husband.

I tried making a few kinds. I only had one type of elastic so I quickly figured out those weren’t going to work. I decided on making my own pattern for a simple tie back face mask that could be adjusted to every head. 100% cotton, washable and super durable.

I began to choose specific prints to match specific personalities (I’m a stylist, I can’t help it). Everyday my husband would come home and tell me who liked what and who chose which -I was getting requests for prints from cherries to globes to florals and everything in between.

Soon, I was finding myself waking up and going right to my machine with lists of requests. As the corona news worsened, I was relying on working on masks feverishly to get through the day without having a meltdown.

The masks were being received by first responders all over the hospital. Men and women were requesting them and I could barely get them out fast enough.

Everyone was so appreciative. My husband’s feedback kept me sewing. He would tell me things like, ‘The nurses loved the colors and prints, it was their little bit of happiness today.’ or ‘The masks brought smiling faces.’

The word started to spread, and before Andre knew it, she was sewing masks for fire fighters, nurses all the way in Massachusetts, mail carriers, pilots, builders, painters, and more. She goes on:

I had posted a few pics of my masks on Facebook and my old boss from my designing days posted a comment saying ‘That’s so you.’ Seems simple but he was right, it is so me. It’s the most me I’ve ever been.

Everything seemed to just fit she continues to explain. Andrea felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride sitting behind her machine sewing masks. There was a moment where she realized she had been utilizing everything she had learned, doing something she truly enjoyed, and having the pleasure of helping others. One of those mind blowing moments. Her perfect storm.

She started making masks for family and friends and shipping out piles of boxes every other day.

I was so afraid I would forget someone. Once the boxes arrived I started getting heart felt notes, messages and thank you’s. People started flooding my email and text with selfies wearing my masks. It was so beautiful. All those happy faces in this crappy uncertain time kept me going. It fueled my desire to keep making masks and shipping them out.

People were so gracious and appreciative. I started getting goodies in the mail and donations for fabric and supplies. The scarier the news became the more I wanted to sew.

Shortly after, Andrea started getting requests for headbands from the nurses. They were showing her pics of there bruised faces and ears from there n95 masks. They needed to relive tension from the ears while working . Someone sent me a headband with buttons and asked if she could make them.

How could I not? My sister and bestie sprung into action, located headbands and dropped them off for me to sew on the buttons. Batches of these went out in between masks.

I can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative everyone is and was. It’s amazing how in crisis most people really step up to help. This has all been very revealing to me: who steps up and who doesn’t.

She ends by sharing that there are more people who ask for 2 and pay for 10 masks. These are the people who rally, these are the people who make her want to help. These are the people who are risking their lives for us, these are the people she loves.


To get your mask or learn more, go to StyledByAndrea.com/Contact!

Meet Toni Marinucci, MS, RDN at ETTWomen North Jersey

Toni Marinucci is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Westchester, New York. She is the business owner of Diet Tips With Toni Marinucci, MS, RD, LLC. where she provides online nutrition counseling. She works with busy, working, women who struggle knowing how to eat to fuel their bodies optimally so they can have the energy and self confidence to live a life of freedom; freedom from negative thoughts, self-doubt, and “what-if’s”.

This speech is ideal for women who eat well during the day / week but struggle with overeating at night / on the weekend as a result of dealing with emotional stress. Toni will bring awareness to the triggers that may be driving this behavior and provide strategic tips on how to react to the emotions other than using food to cope. She will also explain why diets don’t work and provide realistic steps towards building a healthy foundation instead.


The Power of WE: Women’s Empowerment Through Collaboration

We are on a mission to shift the conversation, but in order to do that, we must also take action!

Women who support women are more successful. There is no more time for competition, no more time for envy, and no more time for fear.

It’s almost always true that every woman we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Admiring other women’s strengths actually helps us all come out as stronger individuals.

When one of us wins, we all do. Why? We subconsciously give other women permission and courage to pursue their own dreams.

For the first time ever in New Jersey, join the founders and leaders of ETTWomen, FemCity, eWomen, BIG, The Co-Co, The NJ Yoga Collective , and AOWIE for a powerful panel discussion about Women’s Empowerment Through Collaboration.

Limited seats available.



ETTWomen: The Entrepreneurial Think Thank for Women is a community of women entrepreneurs that network with intention. We learn from and support each other in personal and business development.

Vanessa Coppes is a Co-Founder of ETTWomen and the Founder of V+Co. Consulting. She is the Author of “5 Steps to Fabulous”, Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses: A Guide for Solo-Entrepreneurs. Coppes is a seeker, a student of life and she is committed to sharing with and teaching others what she has learned through her experiences. She meets women where they are and helps them create lives and businesses they love.

Lynette Barbieri is a Co-Founder of ETTWomen. She is a woman who enjoys life, lives for the moment and does it on her own terms. Barbieri has owned her financial business for over 18 years. ETTWomen is where her passion lies. As she continues to grow in her personal endeavors, she also mentors women entrepreneurs.

B.I.G (Believe, Inspire, Grow): is a women’s empowerment organization that offers women the inspiration, community, and tools they need to move their lives forward both personally & professionally.

Tara Gilvar is the founder and CEO of B.I.G. Gilvar has acquired over 25 years of experience building brands and developing marketing campaigns. With extensive public relations and marketing expertise, she has helped the promotion of national consumer products for companies including Sylvania Lighting, Veryfine Juice, Safety 1st and the Timberland Company.

eWomenNetwork: The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs. Our Mission: Help One Million Women Entrepreneurs Each Achieve One Million Dollars in Annual Revenue.

Rosemarie Couture Desaro is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, four-time bestselling author, TEDx speaker, Certified Business Coach, Feminine Leadership Facilitator and Managing Director for eWomen Network, Inc. She’s the visionary pioneer of the “Gutsy Gals with Heart“ movement and go-to expert for women business leaders who yearn to break through their limits and current level of business to create more impact, income and influence without the struggles and sacrifices.

The Co-Co: Here to inspire and support you, wherever you are on your journey of life and career. We are a Collaborative Co-learning and Co-working community where you can work, learn and have fun.

Lauren Decker is a Co-founder of the Co-Co. In the fall of 2014, she moved to Summit, NJ, where she could commute to her job in corporate philanthropy at Barclays. Since that time, she went from occasionally working from home, to leaving her job to be a stay-at-home mom to two young children, to building a new network local to NJ as an independent non-profit consultant.

FemCity: Whether you are thinking of starting a business, launching a business, or up-leveling a current one, FemCity creates local communities and online classes just for you.

Danielle Woolley is a director with FemCity a global women’s network, she also works with Collective Leaders all over the U.S. and is a member of several other aligned organizations. Event organizers hire her to bring her creative brain, business expertise, and her supportive, quality network to their events. Woolley is also a sought after dynamic speaker, and 1-on-1 business brainstormer who leads intimately facilitated small group offerings.

The NJ Yoga Collective: Creates an all-inclusive online destination for yoga in the Garden State. We connect community, offer inspiration, provide suggestions for practice, educate readers and showcase a carefully curated collection of local experts finding balance in their lives and pursuing their dreams.

Bridget Riepl is the founder of the NJ Yoga Collective and VibeWell Yoga FestivalsBridge. Bridget is a mother, yoga teacher, writer, content creator, speaker, former lawyer, coffee snob, and local adventurer. Riepl started practicing yoga in 2002 because she had NO idea how to quiet her mind; yoga was the saving grace and a cathartic release she wanted and needed.

AOWIE: The Association Of Women Inventors And Entrepreneurs, “Bridging The Gap Between Ambition And Success”.

Lisa Ascolese is the founder if “AOWIE”. Lisa AKA “The Inventress”. Ascolese was a struggling inventor who had no resources when she started out to what would be her world of inventing, more than 38 years ago. Today, she has dozens of patents and trademarks. She has been manufacturing products and bringing products to QVC and HSN for 18 years and counting.

We look forward to seeing you there!


ETTWomen Central Jersey: Because She Is with Maureen Spataro

Maureen Spataro is a native of Brooklyn, NY currently living in Sayreville, NJ. A frequent speaker to groups of survivors of sexual, emotional and physical abuse her goal is to raise the funds to purchase a location that is for victims run solely by survivors. As a woman who has experienced all three types of abuse, beginning at the age of 6 years old, Maureen understands the impact and benefits to a victim’s healing when they are speaking directly with someone who has walked the path they find themselves traveling. Respectful of the medical community, Maureen is hoping through her speaking events and engagements that she can help the medical community see these benefits and that survivor to victim connection can become a part of the healing process.

Join us for this powerful conversation!


ETTWomen’s The Power of Connections, 2019 – A Weekend That Changed Businesses and Lives!

ETTWomen’s The Power of Connections Conference 2019 brought together entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, artists and visionaries at The Asbury Hotel.

Every year, attendees receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, make deep connections and unique opportunities to change their lives and the lives of others through their business.

Thank you Teresa Pyskaty for capturing Day 2 so beautifully ❤️ Thank you Ana and Aria for all your help and backup shots too! A big Shout out to our amazing vendors and sponsors! 🎉 We could not make this event possible without your support! Thank you! You are the best 😁 AT&T Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski Bailey Frumen LV Makeup Artist DivineDivas Ross Caryn Launch to Legacy Manasquan Bank Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce Cheryl Brennan Colorstreet M&tbank Yolo’s Custom Designs Karen AzzarelloKaren Azzarello -The Cocoa Exchange Founding Curator Selfie Snapshots #ThePowerOfConnections2019


Meet Shenna Vaughn, Creative Leader at #ThePowerOfConnections2019

Shenna Vaughn is the artist behind what she describes as ‘Soulful Funk on Canvas’. Vaughn’s intuitive abstract paintings tell subconscious narratives of the deep stories of the soul. Her use of warm colors sets the stage for the expression of the personal thoughts that we all confront. Her work invites the audience to enter a personal conversation of reflection and confession. While these subjects are introduced through her particular use of pigments and textures, the symbolism used uninhibitedly exposes vulnerability.

We had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with Queens based artist Shenna Vaughn at the I am Woman Conference, hosted by Sylvia High in 2016. We were so honored and excited when she participated at The Power of Connections, 2016. She’s been back every year since!

Vaughn says,”As I became older, I began to do other things. Circumstances occurred, responsibilities kicked in, and I found myself allowing the masses to tell me what I should be doing along with the fear of being judged. During this time I was miserable, angry and couldn’t even figure out why. I was a closet painter and no one knew I even had this gift. Then one day one of my dearest friends, Leanna, cared enough and introduced me to a transformational workshop. There I was able to find my path again. From that day forward I picked up my brush and never looked back. I started to honor my wants and needs. I decided to be the woman that I didn’t see growing up – painting not only my story but many others with the hope of inspiring others not to give up on their dream.”

Shenna Vaughn is the artist behind what she describes as ‘Soulful Funk on Canvas’. Vaughn’s intuitive abstract paintings tell subconscious narratives of the deep stories of the soul. Her use of warm colors sets the stage for the expression of the personal thoughts that we all confront. Her work invites the audience to enter a personal conversation of reflection and confession. While these subjects are introduced through her particular use of pigments and textures, the symbolism used uninhibitedly exposes vulnerability.


March 1-3, 2019 The Asbury Hotel



Meet Divine DIVAS Jordan and Lynn Osborne at #ThePowerOfConnections2019

The Divine DIVAS Jordan and Lynn Osborne, believe that their journey is guided by God (their divine purpose) and expect the most of themselves. One passion, two voices.

They use their personal journey and professional experience to inspire others who are dealing with life-altering circumstances to see that there is always another path. While their journey to starting a business together was different from others, they both have been finding ways to thrive with autoimmune conditions that left them reevaluating their life plans.

The Divine DIVAS offer education on making better choices for what we introduce to our bodies and minds by replacing toxins of all kinds (thoughts, environment, products, people) with healthier alternatives. We encourage healthy living head to toe.

Lynn and Jordan share their story in their own words:

Lynn, “At 40 life drastically changed  when I woke up with Sudden Hearing Loss and could not return to work in planned profession. While adapting to my new normal I returned to college to complete my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, the journey led me to pursue a Master’s degree in holistic health. While my plan changed to accommodate several autoimmune conditions, chronic pain and hearing loss; the goal of having a family business remained constant. I needed to find a way to achieve that and accommodate my new life. My passion has always been to help others in some capacity and through that continued desire plus a place of gratitude that my journey wasn’t life threatening I wanted to find a way to encourage others to continue to dream and succeed in ways they may not have planned or expected.”

Jordan, “At 24 the picture of what I thought my life would look like changed. I was a licensed cosmetologist and massage therapist with the goal of one day opening my own salon. Being Diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and all of the complications that accompany these conditions I felt like my life was over before it began. Starting Divine Divas gave me a way to utilize my skills and continue helping people even if it is not from behind the chair.”


The Divine DIVAS will lead the following workshop:

Prioritize Yourself: Self Care is not Selfish!

Self-care is not a luxury, when we get busy the first “expendable” area we drop is “me-time”; taking time to nurture yourself is not selfish, it is health care.

March 1-3, 2019 The Asbury Hotel



Meet Melanie Cunningham at ETTWomen’s Annual Conference: The Power of Connections, 2019

Melanie Cunningham is the founder of Melanie Cunningham Law Office P.C. and Launch to LegacyTM, where she helps small business owners, through one on one engagements, or guided programs, gain a peace of mind about the operation of their business today and plan for their futures.

Melanie returned to the law after a 10+ compliance career because of her belief she had a passion and knack for making legal principals user-friendly for everyday people (especially those without a family history of entrepreneurship) striking out on their own.  Melanie’s belief that entrepreneurs and micro-and small business owners play a critical role in our communities, propelled her to start a firm that delivers excellent legal support and protection to this vital and well-deserved audience.  She excels in making the law accessible, uncomplicated, and stress-free, for busy, and often overwhelmed, small business owners.

Melanie’s Workshop

Launch the Business You Love Legally!:

How Effective Planning Increases Your Confidence & Propels Your Business Growth

Melanie will provide a 20 point assessment highlighting the Legal, Insurance, Financial, Tax concerns for small business owners.  

You will leave having a better understanding of intellectual property and which property right may apply.

Connect with Melanie at #ThePowerOfConnections2019!


March 1-3, 2019 The Asbury Hotel



ETTWomen 2019 Kickoff

She believed she could, so she did.

ETTWomen is a community of women entrepreneurs that believe in the power of connections.  ETTWomen network with intention. We are artists, authors, mentors, movers, shakers, and change-makers! We believe in women supporting women and that together, we achieve more! Women from different walks of life join us because they believe in the power of connections, that relationships serve not just as a means to help themselves, but as a way to help others.  ETTWomen network with intention.


We had an amazing turnout, thank you to everyone who came to kickoff 2019 in our new home with us!

If you’re looking for an incredible group of women who are stepping up and out for each other, ETTWomen is for you!

Become A Member!

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