Kathy Roberts & The Tidy Tutor

The Tidy Tutor was started when its founder realized that she was not alone in her quest to live an organized life. At a Bible study she was running, Kathy confessed her ‘disorder’ and was surprised to find that others had the same problems with keeping house and time management. After over 20 years of successfully conquering what has always conquered her, The Tidy Tutor offers a systematic plan, help and encouragement to those who are what she calls, Organizationally Challenged.

Kathy has discovered that those who find living an organized life effortless have more of a left brain mentality, where administrative skills reside. The right brained individual is more conceptual and creative, therefore lacking the ability to distinguish what has to be done and when. In a nutshell, being innately organized is a gift and talent, such as the ability some have to play an instrument without ever having a lesson.

Discovering this fact made her realize that while everyone is not born able to play the piano, everyone can learn how to, and become very proficient at it. In the same vein everyone can learn how to be organized.

With The Tidy Tutor and the course she has created Tidy Tutor University, anyone can go from Chaos and Clutter to Organized and Happy.

If you have dreamed of waking up to a clean bedroom and walking into a kitchen that sparkles, you will discover with The Tidy Tutor that you can turn your dream into a reality, and you will also discover how achieving this goal will have a profoundly positive effect on every other aspect of your life.

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