What is ETTW360’s The Power of Connections Conference?

ETTW brings together entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, artists and visionaries. Our members and attendees receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, make deep connections and unique opportunities to change their lives and the lives of others through their business.

Our annual conference teaches the most fabulous personal and professional development ideas that help elevate participants’ lives and businesses. Unlike traditional seminars or conferences, ETTW360 is positioned as a unique experience for participants.


Who attends each year?

The Power of Connections Conference gathers a Tribe of thought leaders in their respective fields who are committed to constant learning and growth. They appreciate transparent and entertaining presentations focused on business and personal growth that expand their mind, inspire ideas and present concepts that have a positive impact on their lives, their community and the world.

They are entrepreneurs who are interested in personal growth and are familiar with basic business and personal growth topics. Your presentation therefore should aim at creating an experience for them.

If you’re interested in speaking at The Power of Connections Conference you must apply by filling out the speaker form below.

How do I applying to be a Speaker at ETTWomen’s The Power of Connections Conference?

The Power of Connections Conference attracts visionary speakers and thought leaders from a variety of industries. Elizabeth Cronise MacLaughlin, Latham Thomas, Lisa Lieberman-Wang, Jennifer Longmore, Patty Lennon, Mike Michalowicz, Jennifer Tuma-Young, Jennifer Bronswick, Heather Chauvin, Britt Bolnick, Susan Vernicek are just some examples of the fabulous keynote speakers who have shared their stories at The Power of Connections Conference and inspired the lives of hundreds of others in the process.

Our keynote speakers have 40 minute presentations and our workshop leaders have 60 minute slots. Keynotes are directed to all attendees and workshops are led  2x over the 2-day event and directed to 10 guests on each day.

The Power of Connections Conference attracts bright thought leaders and we select the majority of the event’s speakers from the connections and relationships built through ETTW over the years. They include best-selling authors, founders of multi-million dollar businesses, top business and marketing consultants, health and wellness experts, social philanthropists, among others.

Information and an application form  about speaking at The Power of Connections Conference is below. We receive a high volume of speaker applications and space is limited so we are not able to accommodate everyone’s request to speak. However, please know that we would still love to have you as a guest and invite you to attend the event regardless of whether you are granted a speaking slot.


How should I prepare my keynote presentation/workshop?

Keynote presentations are 40 minutes. If accepted as a speaker, your talk must be powerful and focused on a single topic or idea related to personal or professional growth and development.

  • The ideas presented in both keynotes and workshops must be actionable and you must incorporate an interactive element, such as an exercise or reflection.
  • You must share the key messages and interactive component of your presentation in your speaker submission form, including your Powerpoint/Keynote presentation.

The Power of Connections Conference gives back a portion of the proceeds generated at our event to a non-profit organization. We do not pay speaker fees, but there are plenty of perks to being a speaker at The Power of Connections Conference!

  • ETTWomen will discount the ticket price for up to 3 guests,
  • You may sell your product/services at your vendor station throughout the weekend,
  • You will receive promotion of you and your company via diverse media outlets (radio, print and online publications and social media until a week after the event),
  • Featured Inclusion in our event program,
  • Full page, full-color ad in our event program,

Speakers will be responsible for covering their flight and hotel accommodation, which will be available at a special group rate.

If selected as a speaker, The Power of Connections Conference will waive the ticket  and vendor fee. Speakers will be responsible for covering their flight and hotel accommodation, which will be available at a special group rate.

Speaking at The Power of Connections Conference is a perfect opportunity to meet new business partners and get your messages and ideas in front of a crowd who is ready to turn up the volume in their lives and business.

The quality of attendees is one-of-a-kind. Speakers and attendees form new business opportunities including joint ventures and strategic partnerships. Not to mention, relationships for life.


We realize you may be an accomplished presenter, but we’ve put together these tips and suggestions to help guide your speaking proposal for this specific event and audience:

  • Impact the audience with your strongest insights, strategies, tips and personal stories; be authentic and be willing to connect deeply. Get emotional by making the audience laugh, cry and talk back 🙂 BE vulnerable! The Power of Connections Conference is a safe environment.
  • Bring it home for the audience simplifying complex subjects while still respecting the audience intelligence.
  • Have a take-away message that invites the audience to reflect and think differently about something.
  • Engage your audience by creating a dynamic and interactive session. All presentations must have an interactive/experiential element to them.
  • All speakers must respect this is a no sales-pitch event. It’s fine to mention your website or email address but you may not pitch a specific product or service. You will have the opportunity to sell and pitch your products and services at your marketing station throughout the entire weekend.
  • The Power of Connections Conference offers speakers and attendees the opportunity to connect over a period of 2 days, there are connection sessions offered after each speaker presentation and a speaker panel at the end of our 2nd day.

How do I apply to become a keynote speaker?

If you’re interested in applying to speak at The Power of Connections Conference, please fill out our speaker form below. We will notify you within 2 weeks if you’ve been selected as a speaker. If you have any questions e-mail us at contact@ettwomen.com.

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