You May Be Searching All Wrong

Recently, my Mother in Law came to me with a problem because she knew I was a knitter. She was having a hard time finding a pattern she liked. She wanted to make a sweater for my niece with a cute animal on it. If you know anything about knitting, making baby clothing is one of its most popular options. Why would she be struggling to find something so popular online? After a few questions I figured it out: search terms.

Search terms are not always so clear cut. You may think that “Animal Sweater Pattern” would bring up a Noah’s Ark of choices, but it was in fact the word Animal that was holding her back. When I limited that search to Bunny Toddler Sweater Pattern, the search results were 10 times greater.

So how does this apply to you?

  • The words you are using for your product may be too general. How to Knit is not as effective as How to Knit for Beginners. The first will certainly get you listed, but the second will get you a higher ranking on Google and therefore more likely in front of your target audience.
  • Your words could be too specific. Sometimes trying a similar term can increase your chances. How to Knit for Beginners could be Easy Knitting Projects or Beginner Knitting Pattern. Make sure to include these different phases in your content as well as the more generic ones to cover all your bases.
  • You could just be wrong. Using the wrong term could very well be the problem all together. She didn’t want a sweater with Animal from The Muppets. She didn’t want one with all the animals in the zoo. She said my pet needs that and wanted a cute bunny or teddy bear. When we use the right words, we get the right results.

    The easiest way to know is to do a google search using your terms. If the results are similar or too dissimilar you have your answer.

  • Things mean other things. You know how some kids will look up pictures of chicks and get results that are NOT appropriate? Yeah, that. “Hooker” is a term crocheters use lovingly to describe themselves, you can see how that could cause confusion. Just be careful, ok.

Now all you have to do is sprinkle these keyword phrases throughout your content and let google do the rest.