Meet Bailey Fruman, Workshop Leader at #ThePowerOfConnections2016

Bailey Fruman, MSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist, speaker, author, and transformational success coach for leaders and entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping ambitious women get rid of fear and take action on living a life they love!
Named ‘one of the top 20 life coaches to watch’ by, Bailey is also the author of Own Your Power: Your Guide to Feeling Powerful, Fearless, and Free. Her writing has been published in works such as Huffington Post, Aspire Magazine, Elephant Journal, Popexpert, Natural Awakenings, and many guest blogs. Bailey will be featured in the anticipated anthology, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening To Gratitude and Grace which will be published in August of 2016 by Inspired Living Publishing.


Bailey helps women around the world overcome fear and uncertainty through her Clarity Mastery Program, speaking engagements, live events, and transformational coaching. With over ten years experience in helping women live their fullest lives, she guides women leaders and entrepreneurs in feeling more confident by mastering their mindset and living the life they’ve always dreamed of.
For more information on Bailey, visit or say hello on Facebook and Instagram!

November 18th and 19th, 2016 Bella Vista Country Club 100 School Road East Marlboro, NJ 07746 8:30 AM-4:30PM (Both days)



What is ETTWomen’s 360 The Power of Connections Conference?

ETTW brings together entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, artists and visionaries. Our members and attendees receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, make deep connections and unique opportunities to change their lives and the lives of others through their business.

Our annual conference teaches the most fabulous personal and professional development ideas that help elevate participants’ lives and businesses. Unlike traditional seminars or conferences, ETTW360 is positioned as a unique experience for participants.

Who attends each year?

ETTWomen’s 360 gathers a Tribe of thought leaders in their respective fields who are committed to constant learning and growth. They appreciate transparent and entertaining presentations focused on business and personal growth that expand their mind, inspire ideas and present concepts that have a positive impact on their lives, their community and the world.

They are entrepreneurs who are interested in personal growth and are familiar with basic business and personal growth topics. Their presentation are aimed on creating an experience for participants.

ETTWomen’s 360 attracts visionary speakers and thought leaders from a variety of industries. Latham Thomas, Lisa Lieberman-Wang, Jennifer Longmore, Patty Lennon, Mike Michalowicz, Jennifer Tuma-Young, Jennifer Bronswick, Heather Chauvin, Britt Bolnick, Susan Vernicek, Vallori Thomas, Kelly Lynn-Adams, Courtenay Hall, Janine Strafaci are just some examples of the fabulous speakers who have shared their stories at ETTWomen’s 360 and inspired the lives of hundreds of others in the process.

ETTWomen’s 360 is a perfect opportunity to meet new business partners and get your messages and ideas in front of a crowd who is ready to turn up the volume in their lives and business. The quality of attendees is one-of-a-kind. Speakers and attendees form new business opportunities including joint ventures and strategic partnerships. Not to mention, relationships for life.