[PHOTOS] ETTWomen Workshop: 7 Ways to Write Blog Posts that Get Read with Vanessa Coppes

ETTWomen’s Blogging Workshop with our Co-Founder Vanessa Coppes, was fabulous! Thank you to everyone who joined us at Co Spark!

Great conversations and questions about blogging.

[SIDE-NOTE] The featured image in this post is very important. It encompasses what the 360º Lifestyle REALLY looks like. Simple: You don’t have to choose between your ‪business‬ or your family‬. Life happens and we encourage you to integrate the multiple puzzle pieces of your life and business, so that you don’t miss opportunities like these to grow.  

A special thank you to Angela Squicciarini Photography for the fab pics!



Better Blogging in 7 Easy Steps

You finally started to blog. So…what now?  You make it even better.
No worries, we’ve got you covered!
Here are 7 steps to get you there:
1. Give your audience exactly what it says on the subject Line.
If your title is: “Better Blogging In 7 Easy Ways”, then make sure that your blog post delivers exactly that. Don’t encourage readers to click on a headline only to find that the post or article is in no way related to what they are looking for.
2. Be informative, BUT keep it simple.
Your blog post needs to be informative. Remember that the main reason people read online content is because they are looking for information. Try to add as much relevant information about the topic as you can however, don’t overload your post with technical terms.
Don’t over explain yourself. Your writing style should be simple; that’s the way good writing works. Clear language is best. My best piece of advice is to write as if you were talking, but even more simply, and without the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ and ‘sort ofs’.  It’s about being authentic and not trying to pretend you are something that you’re not.
3. Get to the point.
Although your post needs to be informative, it should also be short and sweet. Most people have short attention spans -especially on the internet. The online world is about brevity and speed. The better you get at this the more successful your blog will be.
4. Don’t sell.
When you blog effectively, one of the first things you will realize is that a blog is not a sales pitch.
People do not like being sold to, so don’t do it! Sales pitches will stop readers from getting to the end of your posts.
Blogging is about providing compelling content that inspires, educates and informs your audience. If you can do that, then people will respect you, your brand will grow and those readers will look to learn more about you. The selling will happing organically because believe it ornate, through your blog, people get to know, like and trust you.
5. Tell the world about your post.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, will read your post if you don’t tell them about it. Excellent content does not guarantee traffic to your blog.
You have to know the right ways to promote your post and get more eyes on your page. The posts you’ll find here on our site are formatted to be shared easily through social media sharing plugins, so we can tell our social media following about it. Do the same with yours.
6. While it might sound Ok in your head, it may not be.
You have 3-5 seconds to make a first impression online and just because you wrote the post, it doesn’t mean that it all makes sense. Sometimes when writing you get so in the zone you overlook a few things. Check, double check and even triple check your post for mistakes. We are human and yes, you should not be crucified for a typo. However, if you’re trying to establish yourself and an expert in your field, model expertise.
7. Practice makes perfect.
Get the content written, check it, publish and distribute it.
Blogging takes commitment, dedication and passion -most importantly, consistency. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and I’m still learning new things. I love the community and opportunities that blogging has allowed me to experience.
Remember that there are no overnight successes, stay committed to your vision and you will reap the fruits of your labor.
Have you started blogging? Have you been blogging for a while? What are your challenges, if any? Do you have more tips to add? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. If you found this post helpful, please share it!
Want to learn more? Join me at my next ETTWomen Workshop: 7 Ways to Write Blog Posts that Get Read

When Blogging Inspiration Strikes

Gail Lee, founder of the consignment store One Green Shoe was so motivated by our Blogging for Business meeting, she started her own blog. 
“I was so inspired by your meeting on blogging that I started right away,” explains Gail. 
Her story was picked up and promoted on the Patch and today she shares some great tips with the ETTM Community. 
Congratulations Gail!
In this economy, I have heard many people sing the praises of consignment store shopping. But weak economy or not, there are many great reasons to shop in the new, upscale consignment stores. Here are 3 reasons to shop consignment:
1. Selection. A good resale store will have a wide variety of better brands. This is a great opportunity to define your style and determine your fit. Fit is the most important part of an awesome wardrobe. In a well-stocked consignment store, you can try on several different brands and find what size and style fits you the best. Size, after all is only a guideline. Every designer and manufacturer sizes differently so please don’t pigeonhole yourself to one size. Buy what fits. Take jeans for example. You can go to a consignment store and try on Lucky, Seven for All Mankind, Express or Paige brands. Once you know what fits you well, you can return to those brands, time and again, without all the effort.
2. Choice. You will find styles that others had bought the moment they hit the stores, at full price. Now, you get a second opportunity to have that top or jacket that was so out of your budget the first time, at a reasonable price. Think of the wardrobe you could have if you could double your spending budget. Consignment shopping allows you to do just that.
3. Service. A good store owner knows that giving individual attention to shoppers is the best way to foster relationships and encourage loyalty. Having this relationship has its benefits. A caring shop owner will learn what you like and keep a wish list of items for you. When those items come in, you will be first to view them and have first option to buy. This kind of personal service is less common than it once was. Consignment stores keep those values in mind while building their clientele.
Some people are concerned about “cleanliness”. Ask the shop-owner for the criteria in collecting merchandise. Does it need to be cleaned before purchase? Does the store steam each item? Are the items checked individually? Items in a well kept consignment store are as clean as a department store where many customers try on items every day. You should wash garments before you wear them no matter where you buy them.
I encourage you to give this type of shopping a try. In Freehold, at One Green Shoe, we are very proud of our dedication to recycling, our support of the community and our charitable outreach. A percentage of every sale goes to charity. That’s why our motto is “Look good, do good”
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