ETTM Live! With Jennifer Bronsnick

Would it make your life better if you knew how to communicate with people in a way where they felt your love and respect?
Would you like to know if you are an empath with the ability to feel other people’s emotions?
Would you be healthier and happier if you could figure out the best way for you to get a good night’s sleep?
Do you wish that you had more self-love and compassion for yourself and other people?
Have you ever wondered what makes you so special and unique from the other people around you?

Understanding your Human Design offers you all of these things and SOO much more!

Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW has been supporting individuals and families for over 12 years. After training in a variety of psychotherapy techniques, upon learning about Human Design and experimenting with it in her own life, she knew this was something that was going to help A LOT of people who were suffering. In each person’s design is the truth of who they are, a beautiful and very important piece of the puzzle of the universe. In this country many people are suffering with the disease of self-hatred and she found Human Design to be an extremely effective tool in treating this disorder. Jennifer is the founder of The Mindful Family and lives with her husband and 2 little girls in Livingston, NJ

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