ETTWomen Supporting Mayra Betances at Today’s Inspired Latina Book Launch in NYC!

Today’s Inspired Latina is a Book of Inspiration and Hope, A Poignant Collection of Personal Stories. These Are Success Stories That Need To Be Told, To Motivate the Latin@ Community and Generations To Come.

It’s A Positive, Empowering Read For Anyone Sitting On a Dream and Thinking It Can’t Come True. Today’s Inspired Latina Shows That It Can! 26 Authors, 248 Pages and 1 Dream In Common!

One of those authors is ETTWomen member Mayra Betances, founder of and ETTWomen Ohio Chapter Leader.

We where so proud and excited to join her in celebrating this experience.


(From R-L) Mayra Betances, Kenia Nuńez, Yaneli Sosa, Wendy Rodriguez, Dr. Damary, Paulina López


ETTWomen at Today’s Inspired Latina Book Launch in NYC, pictured from L-R:

Vanessa Coppes (ETTWomen Co-Founder), Audrey Puente (FOX 5), Dee Sands (ETTWomen member), Mayra Betances (ETTWomen Ohio Chapter Leader,, Juanita Asia Beverly, June Lazaro (ETTWomen North Jersey Chapter Co-Leader), Dixie Lincoln-Nichols (ETTWomen member, founder of Dixie Bits), Lynette Barbieri (ETTWomen Co-Founder), Joanne Malley (ETTWomen member, founder of Evolutions by Jo), and Jenny Colón (ETTWomen Executive Assistant)


Sandra Martin (Author and Founder of Mulier NYC, Vanessa Coppes(ETTWomen Co-Founder)

Get your copy below!


Recruiting 101: “You’re One Recruit Away From An Explosion”


I have been in the financial industry in a direct selling company for almost two decades. One of the things I come across when I am recruiting reps and doing the job skills testing to expand my business is that direct sales is often misunderstood. What I want is for people to understand what direct sales really is. Instead of traditional retail outlets or online marketplaces, direct selling maintains a sales force of millions of committed independent entrepreneurs.

These small business owners affiliate with a direct selling company and receive commissions on sales, but work for themselves. Independent direct sellers set their own hours and create their own marketing plans. They determine whether to build a sales team and how to go about mentoring them. Also, how to serve their customers – whether in their homes, online, or at parties with family and friends. This all depends upon the type of company it is. I am in the financial industry so doing an in home party or a meeting to recruit new associate’s wouldn’t be in my home or the home of friends – for obvious reasons.

Aside from the fact that you can start in a network marketing company on a part-time basis while you learn and work from home, you have the ability to make unlimited residual income. The way that you do that is to go out and recruit some awesome people and duplicate yourself over and over. To me, the most attractive part of the business was the ability to recruit and build a team of people I can teach to make a six figure income and run their own business. I would get to override this team and receive residual income forever. The concept is to build a team that becomes self-sufficient and goes on to run their own office, it is like opening multiple franchise outlets. The huge difference is that the average franchise requires a large sum of money to get started. Most direct sales companies require a minimal out-of-pocket expense to get started.

So why not work smarter not harder? One of the best ways to achieve multilevel marketing success is to share the products and business opportunity with other people.

Here are a few tips that will help you to get out there and recruit and build your team:


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