5 Twitter Tips From Trump

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Donald Trump is good at twitter. He is able to make a statement, give an opinion in just about every tweet and make it engaging. He knows just when to pump up the volume to get more attention.

So what can we learn about using social media, and more specifically twitter, from Trump?

  1. Post something every day. Trump’s twitter feed is updated daily. In this way he stays at top of mind for his millions of followers.
  2. Post several times a day. He never knows when his followers will be online so he is sure to catch them by writing something at various times.
  3. Make a statement, then add your opinion. Trump has a very distinctive writing style which always includes these two things. Tell your followers what you want them to know, then tell them how you feel about it, or how they should feel.
  4. Be concise and consistent. His statements are always like newspaper article titles. They give you just enough information that you know what he is talking about. You only have 140 characters! Also, try to keep these statements to the same style so people know how to read them.
  5. Get excited. Trump is now afraid of exclamation points. It makes you feel like he really believes what he is saying. His enthusiasm gets people talking.

Now I just want to point out that you should not follow his lead on many of his twitter habits. It is not ok to call people names. It is not ok to make generalizations about entire groups of people based on race, religion, sex, or place of birth. Of course if that is your brand, go for it! You could run for President!


Photo Credit: Twitter. Screenshot of Donald Trump’s Tweet

Top 5 Lessons From #TheDress


Have you been living under a rock? I didn’t think so. This means you have seen/participated in the global phenomenon that was “The Dress”.

More than Kim Kardashian’s behind, more then Ellen’s Oscar selfie, the dress sparked shares and conversations around the world. Was it a trick? Was it a clever promotion? Nope, just a woman taking a picture of a dress to share with her daughter in consideration for a wedding.

As a small business owner, it is my dream to have something I share make this much impact. So I have been studying what we can all learn from it.

Here are my top 5 Lesson from #TheDress:

  1. Perception is reality.
    Blue and Black or White and Gold, it didn’t matter how you saw it, it was right. If your customer’s see your brand differently then you do, it is time to either adjust your own thinking or your focus to put you both on the same page.
  2. Conversation is key.
    It’s a dress that got people talking. If you are in product based business, putting your items into unusual environments might garner the wanted results, service based businesses may want to discuss misuse or abuse in your industry and how you don’t do that.
  3. Use what you have.
    All she had was a picture of a dress, posted it on tumblr and asked a question. Engage with your audience where they are. Ask them questions, give them advice, play games. You don’t have to do this everywhere either. If you love pinterest, use that. I am most comfortable on twitter (@traceyknits) and talk there more than anyplace else.
  4. Trending.
    You can tie-in anything. Note how I took the topic of the dress and turned it into something else. If everyone is talking about it, it is easy to get people to be interested in what you have to say about it.
  5. Keep it simple.
    A dress and a question. For you it could be a picture of a grumpy cat and a tagline about your business. Don’t overthink it, you never know what is going peek someone’s interest, just keep trying different things.

So what color did you see? And what did you take away from this viral sensation? Would love to know, leave me a comment below!

Tracey Rediker is owner of Tracey Knits,
maker of playful hand-knit golf club covers.

Photo Credit: Buzz Feed

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