ETTWomen Founders at the 2017 “Possibilitology” Global Summit

The New Year is right around the corner. Don’t just stumble into it.

Vallori Thomas, founder of WOW Coaching and Consulting presents “Possibilitology: 10-Days of Possibility – A Global Summit,” December 5th through December 15th.

The summit showcases the expertise of more than 20 trailblazers, private and public sector professionals — leaders in their fields — who are committed to providing you with tips, tools and techniques for achieving your goals across a wide range of disciplines.

“Possibilitology” has been described as “the gift of a lifetime.” There’s so much that you have yet to create, and “Possibilitology” can pave the way for you to produce almost any outcome.

And as if this summit couldn’t get better, it’s free, just click below to enroll!


Unlock Your Passion Code, Expand Your Purse and Grow Your Network!

“PASSION & PURSES” is an exhilarating event focused on the relationship between joy and financial freedom. With an outstanding panel of women leaders in business, spirituality, education, finance and marketing, “PASSION & PURSES” is real talk about what matters most to women committed to living empowered lives and being empowered financially.

Where you are now isn’t where you’ll be once you experience Passion & Purses. Join us for an intimate evening of dialogue and discovery designed for every woman who has ever experienced a joyous triumph or faced a financial challenge.

“PASSION & PURSES…” It’s time to have your life and your future just the way you want it. “Think Like a Woman… Act Like a Woman!” Amazing Live Performances, Drinks & Lite Supper, Networking with a Purpose “Up Close and Personal” with the experts, Raffles Prizes and more


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