Is Your Website More than 3 Years Old?

If so, you could be losing clients and income. This is not good!



Has your business changed in those 3 years? What kind of changes have you been making to your business? I know that I am always working on my business, refining my message, my vision, my mission and more.

Why do you make changes to your business?

  • To improve your business
  • to serve more people
  • to make more money

As our business grows and we grow in our business things change for the better, shouldn’t your site reflect those changes?

7 Good Reasons You Need a Re-Design are:

wd_test1. You are not getting the results you’ve expected. Lead generation, conversion rates, bounce rates, not what you expected? The mechanics of these are important, but I think the main thing that improves your sites results is your message, are you telling the people that need you, that you can help them with their problem? You only have a few seconds to get their interest, you better have a concise and to the point message.

2. Does your call-to-action work? Do people do what you ask them to do? It’s very important to tell your visitors what you want them to do and guide them through the process by using calls-to-action (CTAs). Your CTAs need to get their attention and get them to click through. Once they click you must make the journey easy. One click should bring them to a form to sign up for your free offer. OR One click should lead them to the “more information” they need to make a decision”. OR best of all One click should take them to the payment page to complete the sale. Whatever you tell them they are getting when they click on that button, make it happen. People want things that are easy to use. If there is any doubt about what you are offering and they have to jump through hoops to get to it you probably will lose them.

3. Functionality: Do the features on your site work? Do you have the features you need? Plugins are part of that functionality. Many don’t know what a plugin is “a plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports plug-ins, it enables customization.” Plugins can be used for many things, some basics are, sliders, galleries, contact forms, and social media links. But if these plugin stops working, your site could open to “broken link” icons. OR The contact form filled out by someone who is interested in your service may never get to you. Bad for the user experience and bad for business. Do you have the features you need? Do you have a blog? Are you ready for eCommerse? These features and more may be lacking from your present site because you just were not ready to commit to the work. Is it time?

4. Is your site mobile friendly? More and more people are viewing your site on phones or tablets. When your site is not mobile-friendly, it will come up but viewing it is a real hassle. People have to scroll, this way and that just to read a sentence. How many people in this “I want it now, and I want it easy” environment are going to bother? Especially when there is another site out there that offers the same service. You know it’s not the same service, you know that what you offer in your business is better, but they will not see it just because it was too much trouble for them to get to that information on your not mobile friendly site.

wd_bells5. User Experience. Exactly what the words say, how is the users experience when they come to your site? A bad user experience on a website can hurt business. Can they find what they are looking for quickly? Do the navigation and the CTA buttons do what they are supposed to do? Is the site annoying, opening to loud music, spinning images, it may look ok on the first glance but over and over? A site with a great user experience can generate revenue for your company. Every part of you website needs to be set up for the user. You want the user to be able to get all they are looking for without any wasted clicks. If users can’t find what they need, you lose them and probably will not get them back.

6. Branding. Branding being more than your logo design, it is also how you do business, your standards, and message. If your company has rebranded, your website must represent the new changes. If not why go through the trouble and work of rebranding? Consistency, your look, and your message must be consistent whether you are talking to someone, in a printed piece or on your website. This is how people find you.

wd_look7. Tired of the look of your site? Does your site look out of date? Do the colors you thought would look fabulous kind of assault you when you open the site now. Maybe you can’t see these sort of thing, but others do. If you want your site to look up-to-date, you should be taking advantage of what’s new. The world of webdesign is constantly changing, most of the time for the better. These changes are designed to make your site work better, provide a better user experience and help your business grow.

Or maybe you just want to shake it up. A fresh design could bring more visitors to your site to check you out. And you can market the hell out your new site design to get more attention.

It is common for businesses to put up a website and forget it. To stay ahead of your competition you need always to be working ON your business, and a big part of your business is your website. Your website should hold your customer’s attention with an impressive webdesign and relevant, up-to-date content to attract the first timer visitors. You should be updating your site on a regular basis if you want repeat visitors. Remember your website is a communication tool. Make it communicate what is new in your business; no one wants to hear the same story over and over again. Your site is the story of your company, what you do, how you help customers. If there is nothing new, you lose those people who don’t want the same old information and the same old user experience.

To be effective, you must understand what is working and what isn’t working on your current website, and how user needs have changed since the last redesign.

I create websites that target the people who need you and are ready to buy. Sites that “pop” & get attention.

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