Your Marketing Checklist for 2016

I know you’re probably on ‘New Year, New Goals’ overload…BUT if you want to rock out your marketing in 2016, please bare with me.


You’re a smart entrepreneur and I’m sure you want to #StepIntoYourPower in ALL aspects of your life and business. Here are 5 strategies to give your marketing a powerful boost:


  1. Market less. Say what?!?!? What I mean by this is that you know what isn’t working. So do less of that and also, don’t overextend yourself marketing in places where you don’t have the ability to sustain a long term effort. Focus on mastering 1 marketing platform at a time. Become indispensable in 1 area and in 1 network. And, meet your customers where they are.
  2. Focus on subscribers. The way to do that in a digital arena is by sharing valuable content on a specific date and a specific time. It’s like making an appointment with your audience. Create anticipation and reliability for it.
  3. Amplify your distribution. Creating valuable content is one thing, getting eyeballs to it…another. Build momentum by focusing on your subscribers and audience BUT you may need to consider paid promotion/distribution. Yes, this looks like print/online advertising. Include it in your budget for the year as it’s imperative to keep your business visible.
  4. Align your assets. From a branding/marketing perspective what this means is that after taking a look at all your social media platforms ( Facebook Page, Twitter presence, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube Channel, blog, newsletter, etc.) can you answer this: If your logo fell off your marketing materials, would people know it was coming from you? If yes, AWESOME SAUCE! If no, take stock of your efforts and realign. They should all have the same look/feel as well as an improved user experience.
  5. Mobile is where it’s at. If there is one thing you need to make sure of is that your website is optimized for mobile. Believe it or not, between 75-85% of sales happen on a mobile device. Yes, you read that correctly…75-85%! That’s a crap load of sales or signups that you’re missing out on if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Get. On. It!


Make 2016 your most successful year ever! Step into your marketing power with these easy strategies to add to you marketing mix! Join me tonight for an in-person discussion! RSVP HERE!

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